28 Aug,10

MMRDA Proposes Two Monorail Routes in Navi Mumbai

Source: Mumbai Mirror

The first route will be between Mahape and Kalyan via Shil Phata spanning a length of 21.10 kms while the second route will connect Koparkhairane and Chembur via Ghatkopar across a 15.72 kms long stretch of the total 135.21ksm proposed for Mumbai. The entire cost span of the monorail and metro in Mumbai is pegged at close to Rs 20,000 crore and the detailed project report for the same is likely to be ready by the year end.

""The state appointed a New Delhi-based consultant to help them prepare a monorail master plan for the MMR considering the projected demand for 2021 and 2031. The consultant was expected to draw up a monorail corridor plan taking into account the travel habits, main centres, developing growth centres, regions potential enough for redevelopment etc, and was also expected to advise as to how to generate funds and whether to adopt cash contract mode or a PPP mode for the development of the Mono Rail corridor plan,"" informed a MMRDA official requesting anonymity.

The Koparkhairane- Chembur stretch will cost Rs 3,686.30crore while that of the Kalyan- Mahape route will cost Rs 2,932.90 crore. ""The company, while arriving at these cost estimates, took into account various aspects such as alignment, station building, depots/ switches and crossings, traction and power supply, signaling, electrification, communications and security systems, rolling stock, automatic fare collection systems, system integration and testing, taxes, feasibility studies, engineering and construction supervision, approximate estimates of land and resettlement and rehabilitation,"" informed the official.

The MMRDA officials opine that despite the high project costs, the monorail if implemented, would ferry a large number of commuters on the respective stretches. The projected daily number of commuters on the Koparkhairane- Chembur route is 4,57,059 while 2,53,498 commuters are expected to use the Kalyan-Mahape route daily in 2016. in 2021, the route would ferry 5,21,871 commuters along Koparkhairane and 2,94,357 along the Kalyan- Mahape route.

""Considering the increase in population, increased travel demand and narrow road networks running through congested structures, there is a need of a system which will occupy less space as well as reduce travel time. With the objective, to support public rapid transit system such as suburban rail system and metro rail system and where public rapid transit system is not available or impossible to provide such system and where widening of roads is not possible due to structures on either sides, Mono Rail system is proposed to be implemented by MMRDA and the state,"" informed a MMRDA official.

When contacted, Dilip Kawathkar, the joint project director of MMRDA confirmed the status of the monorail projects. ""The state has given an in-principal approval to the master plan of the monorail routes in Navi Mumbai, Thane and Mumbai. We will soon carry out a survey and appoint a consultant for the feasibility report,"" he said.

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